Evolution Optiks leverages light field technology to improve the world around us and how we perceive it. We are revolutionizing the manner how we disseminate information and interact with technology every day. We are changing the way billions of people receive eye care and we give doctors the ability to assess traumatic brain injury within moments.

We make it possible

  • for doctors to conduct eye exams remotely

  • to assess traumatic brain injury on-site remotely

  • to display multiple languages at the same time on a single screen

  • to drive your car without reading glasses

  • for your phone to adjust to your eye prescription

  • and much more, we just can’t disclose it yet.

Evolution Optiks Limited has had fantastic support from private individuals who have helped the company get to where it is today. Large multi-national technology corporations that change lives for the better are born this way.

We continue to extend this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and if you are interested in becoming an investor, please contact us for relevant details. 

First mover advantage

We recognized the immense opportunities involving light field technology early on, which gave us a years-long head start in research and development.

Platform-as-a-Service mindset

By opening up our cloud-based platform to the development community and allowing to develop, run, and manage applications within the Evolution Optiks Vision Ecosystem, we stay more open to innovation and are better able to keep pace with the rapidly evolving science of light field technology.

Customer-centric products and features

While we are scientists to the core, we know that a technology has to have widespread, real-world applications to be truly revolutionary. With vision correction for your devices at the centre of Evolution Optiks’ business model, our core offerings have the potential to make life easier for nearly four billion people.

Subscription-based model for pricing flexibility

By using a subscription-based model, we can reduce the financial barriers for businesses and organizations looking to implement device correction, multi-view displays and light field technology.

Clearly defined near-term commercial agenda

Our first mover advantage and head start in research and development has also given us the ability to focus on getting our finished products and services to market in the very near future.

Exceptional team and technological advantage

Our diverse, multi-disciplinary team of scientists, development specialists and industry experts pride themselves on their ability to be at the forefront of developments in their respective fields. This keeps our team firmly in place as leaders in light field technology.

We want you to be part of our success.