We control the direction of light from each pixel

Unlike a traditional display, our technology is able to control the exact direction of beams of light emitting from each pixel.

Presbyopia, the age-related gradual loss of the eyes’ ability to focus on nearby objects, affects a third of the world’s population. Unlike regular prescription glasses, reading glasses are particularly unpleasant as they typically get worn only during reading tasks, unless integrated with a broader eye prescription in a transition type of lens.

Most drivers who would normally need reading glasses do not wear them, choosing instead to ignore the information of their instrument clusters such as speed, gauges or GPS. Those who do wear them are frustrated and reflects a clear point of pain.

Most reading today is done on digital devices, therefore e-readers, tablets, and phones, require reading glasses. The same extends to ATMs, airport ticket kiosks, and also business, industrial and military devices with digital screens. It is documented that commercial airline pilots suffer from anxiety when going for routine eye checkups and the problem can affect the careers of military pilots as well.

Evolution Optiks has developed a system that eliminates the need for reading glasses and solves other eye conditions interfering with displays.

There is no need to wear alternative specialized equipment. Further, the eye prescriptions are software controlled which means they can be digitally adjusted for different users.

Such eye prescriptions can be applied to the subject device instantly through various practical methods,
such as from a user’s smartphone through NFC or Bluetooth.

We revolutionize what a display can do.

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