Every year, 69 million people are estimated to be affected by traumatic brain injury (TBI), from a wide variety of causes. (click here for more information) It is a highly complex issue and the need for state-of-the-art diagnostic and monitoring technology cannot be overstated.

Concussion is the most common mild traumatic brain injury. The highest incidence of concussion occurs in contact sports such as football, soccer or ice hockey. While the dangers of concussions have long been underestimated, in recent years they have become a major topic of discussion among sports medicine professionals, athletes, and the media. According to the Brain Injury Research Institute, a traumatic brain injury occurs every 15 seconds and they cause more deaths than any other sports injury. In fact, they are the number one cause of death in children and young adults. Concussion is notoriously difficult to diagnose as symptoms are usually subtle and can take days to develop. Also, until today there is no proven biomarker based on imaging, blood tests or computerized neuropsychological screening tool.

Our proprietary light field technology brings a new approach to the field of traumatic brain injury, offering a plethora of capabilities to help doctors and patients with the tools they need for on-site assessment and monitoring.

Here are some of the unique advantages our technology offers:

  • Allows for dynamic, multi-focal and true-to-life representations of light, with further immersive advantages provided by on-board multi-channel acoustics.
  • Real-time high-speed eye tracking to implement critical neurological tests.
  • By manipulating light directionally, in real-time, rays can be precisely oriented to refocus at the desired 3D location within the eye.

In the video below, world-renowned expert on concussion and traumatic brain injury Dr. Steve Olvey explains how concussions happen, the dangers of repetitive concussions, and possible outcomes.  He also discusses ways to identify concussions and mitigate their occurrence in sports at all levels.

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