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DeCon 1: Device for Neuro-Optical Assessment & Monitoring


Each day, countless concussions around the world remain undetected. At the same time, on-site technology choices are poor.

DeCon 1 allows a practitioner to perform a variety of neurological tests that rely on visual and auditory input from a subject. The device is cloud-connected, provides access to established testing methodologies and introduces tests which were not possible in the past.

While DeCon 1 may be used in a controlled medical environment, it is particularly designed to be portable and to be an option at sporting events, training centers, schools, construction sites, anywhere injuries typically occur and where a trained practitioner may or may not be physically present.


Perform diagnostics on-site, anywhere.
A trained practitioner can either control the process remotely or on-site.


• Most tests can be performed without a baseline although one is recommended when possible.

• Tests are performed by practitioners via the laptop or tablet provided with the device.

Examples of types of tests that can be performed:

• Ocular motor dysfunction/visual axis alignment

• Saccades and predictive saccades

• Smooth pursuit/range of motion

• Visual oculomotor reflex

• Evaluation of pupillary responses

• Comfort-discomfort level, bothering threshold, increased sensitivity

• Convergence insufficiency/excess

• Optokinetic nystagmus strip

• Visual midline shift

Tests and test batches can be customized and the device is OTA (over the air) upgradeable.


Investigational device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.

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